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About Us



AMBE Foods is an Australian owned and operated business that was established in early 2020 as a specialist manufacturer of Dairy Products. The company sell its product under their retail consumer brand as “JIWAN”- A Healthy treat for all.

From beginning, the company looking to surpass the needs for the Asian food in the Australian Consumers Market, Focusing the increase on Migrant population in Australia.

Our mission is to produce healthy and tasty dairy products using traditional and nutritional recipes that our costumer would love.

Our founder’s vision, knowledge, dedication and consistency is what make us to produce the PREMIER quality.

Jiwan Dairy Products meant different to different People:

  • To Youngsters
      • A healthy treat
  • To Fitness Conscious
      • Power of Protein & Calcium
  • To a Mother
      • A reliable source of nourishment for her child
  • To Vegetarians
      • Reliable source of Keto Diet
  • To Local Farmers
      • Consistent and reliable source of Income
  • To Country
      • Regional Development and Self Reliance

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    What our clients say


    Jiwan Malai Paneer emerged victorious in my review of all Paneer Brands I used so far in Australia. It tasted soo fresh and had that original natural Taste of Paneer.

    Chef Gaurav Verma

    Jiwan Malai Paneer emerged victorious in the top paneer brands, I used in my daily cooking. It has a sweet milky smell along with a fresh, natural taste. Moreover, it retains its moistness and taste after being cooked as well.


    I bought Jiwan Malai Paneer from my local grocery store, It is an amazing paneer I have tried. Very Buttery and creamy. Good taste. Well Done Guys...Keep it up

    Sudhir Juneja

    Jiwan Malai Paneer is awesome paneer, it has no foul smell or sour taste. I am having it raw and it tastes so good.