Anmol Sharma

Anmol Sharma
Founder/Director - AMBEFOODS

Anmol is a qualified and experienced Process Engineer. He started his career as Graduate Engineer Trainee in the expansion of Acetic Anhydrate (Narcotics) with IOL Chemical & Pharmaceutical. Further promoted to Senior Process Engineer and successfully lead greenfield Project to Manufacture Ibuprofen (API) 600 MTM cap. Successfully Lead IBB Greenfield Project for same.

Joined CAD Middle East (LCC) a joint venture of World Health
Organization and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to execute first ever Chemical API plant in the Middle East as Senior Project Manager.

Joined IND SWIFT Laboratories as Senior Process Manager and lead the key development of Greenfield projects and expansion projects for different drugs such as Antihistamine/ oncology (cancer drugs) / antibiotics and anti-hypertensive.

Migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 2016 and Joined Palla Pharma (Formerly known as TPI Enterprises) – It is one of three licensed poppy processors in Australia, as Production Manager
and supervised Extraction, evaporation, and powder process (GMP). For products such as Codeine/ Morphine.

Joined CSIRO took on a project to develop texture vegetable proteins (Plant-Based Proteins) for V2 Foods (a subsidiary of Hungry Jacks & Burger Kings).

Established AMBE FOODS Pty Ltd (T/A Jiwan) in July 2020 in Victoria. AMBE FOODS is an integrated milk and dairy products company, engaged in the business of procurement and processing of milk and sale of milk and milk products.

The company has successfully undertaken the R&D (Research and Development) for Paneer and Yogurt.

He is passionate about food innovations. In a recent development, AMBE FOODS has developed a new formulation to manufacture Paneer ( Cottage Cheese). which the company has lodged the patent application on this process. He has different skills which are aligned with the company’s future pipeline products.

About me

Anmol is a simple, fun-loving, family-oriented guy who has a keen interest in Engineering innovations.  His extensive experience in the manufacturing industry has given him the skills required to  maximise production through exceptional leadership skills, excellent planning, strong attention to detail, process improvement skills and a strong knowledge of GMP. He has outstanding interpersonal skills that allow him to work successfully in a team environment, build strong relationships with clients, and maximize the performance of his team.

Throughout his career, He has utilized his exceptional technical aptitude and troubleshooting skills to deal with challenging situations. He is well organized, autonomous, and has excellent time management skills.

He has an exceptionally excellent ability to operate efficiently without compromising quality or safety. 

His hobbies include watching documentaries & exploring different places. He also enjoys singing and listening to music in his free time.