Production Supervisor

At AMBE FOODS Pty Ltd, the innovative Dairy Manufacturing we are seeking a highly motivated Production Supervisor to lead our Operations team, where the role will be based in Colac. Your experience will see you leading, motivating and managing our Colac Plant Operations teams to ensure we meet our customers’ needs and support our business’s growth through providing outstanding customer service and ensuring the efficient and safe delivery of Dairy products. You will be a key member of the production team and play a critical role in ensuring that we meet our production targets on time and within budget.

This a great opportunity for someone looking for a value driven work culture and environment to step up, with support to take their career to the next level.

Job responsibilities include:

  1. Supervising Production: Directly supervising production activities, including monitoring production schedules, ensuring production targets are met, and maintaining workflow efficiency.
  2. Staff Management: Training, scheduling, and managing production staff to ensure they are properly trained, motivated, and capable of performing their duties effectively.
  3. Quality Control: Implementing and enforcing quality control procedures to ensure that products meet specified quality standards and conducting regular inspections to identify and address any quality issues.
  4. Safety Compliance: Ensuring that all production activities comply with safety regulations and company policies, conducting safety training for production workers, and promoting a safe working environment.
  5. Equipment Maintenance: Coordinating with maintenance teams to schedule and perform routine maintenance on production equipment, troubleshooting equipment issues, and ensuring that equipment is functioning optimally.
  6. Inventory Management: Monitoring inventory levels of raw materials and finished goods, coordinating with procurement teams to ensure timely supply of materials, and minimizing inventory discrepancies.
  7. Production Planning: Collaborating with production planners and other departments to develop production schedules, prioritize production orders, and allocate resources effectively.
  8. Continuous Improvement: Identifying opportunities for process improvements, implementing lean manufacturing principles, and leading initiatives to enhance productivity, reduce waste, and optimize production processes.
  9. Documentation and Reporting: Maintaining accurate production records, documenting production activities, generating production reports, and communicating production metrics to management.
  10. Problem Solving: Resolving production-related issues, addressing production delays or bottlenecks, and implementing corrective actions to prevent recurrence of problems.

Salary- 75k

Schedule: 10 hours shift for 4 days a week.

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